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Open Innovation and Spirit of Initiative are the pillars of their transformation: our clients share their feedback and their best practices.

Pioneers of open innovation,

Startup Inside's mission is to transmit, disseminate and instil the entrepreneurial spirit and more agile working methods to more than 1,000,000 employees of large groups by 2030 by creating unforgettable experiences. 



Since 2016, we have been designing digital and face-to-face training experiences that provide employees with a concrete toolbox that can be used and applied in their daily lives.

We have designed a platform that allows you to follow up your training programmes. 

No more "one shot" training, your employees now have unlimited access to Startup Inside content.

You will find exclusive interviews, recorded master classes, live webinars on new topics and additional exercises on all the training courses offered by Startup Inside.

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From multi-corporate or student hackathons, to intrapreneurship programmes and design thinking and collective intelligence workshops, our clients call on Startup Inside to:
  • Creating an innovation pipeline
  • Delivering projects and accelerating ideas
  • Disseminate the entrepreneurial spirit and startup methods to as many people as possible

In the age of phygital collaboration, innovation workshops and programmes must be inclusive, impactful and dynamic.

It is with this expertise that Startup Inside accompanies you to create tailor-made events.

Discover the testimonies of our clients and how they worked on their topics with Startup Inside.



Since 2016, a major technological transformation has been taking place in start-ups and large groups. These two worlds are struggling to work together.

Startup Inside creates open innovation ecosystems in order to bring together startups, large companies and research laboratories and make them work together.

We therefore organise every year +10 inspiring conferences to reveal the achievements of these two worlds to the greatest number of people.

We make tech and CSR topics accessible to the largest number of people in order to democratize current matters.

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