Startup Inside


Ideate & Achieve, the offer to mobilize your teams around concrete and innovative projects. 

The objective? Acculturate and stimulate collaboration in order to promote the implementation of transformations; enrich cultures and identities and adopt new and more collaborative and identities and adopt new, more collaborative ways of working. 

From multi-stakeholder hackathons, to intrapreneurship programs, to design thinking and collective intelligence workshops, our clients call on Startup Inside to
*Create and feed an innovation pipeline 
*Go from idea to reality in a minimum of time 
*Spread the entrepreneurial spirit and startup methods to stimulate collaboration 

In the age of phygital collaboration, innovation workshops and programs must be inclusive, dynamic and impactful. 
It is with this expertise that Startup Inside accompanies you to create tailor-made events. 


The LVMH group's open innovation and intrapreneurship programme


In 2017, during the first LVMH DARE, 70 participants from the group's companies came together to work for 2.5 days in teams following our methodology based on design thinking and collective intelligence in 6 stages. 

In 2021, there will be more than 10 DAREs and e.DARE organized in the companies and in 5 countries on themes such as retail innovation, artificial intelligence and data, CRM, ecology, inclusion and diversity. 
Video shot in 2020.

RCI Bank and Services' Intrapreneurship programme trains 10% of its staff each year in new, more agile working methods 

SPARK - RCI Bank and Services

Since 2018, 850 employees in 15 countries have gone through the SPARK experience. 

SPARK is an intrapreneurship programme that brings together and mobilises employees from several Renault Nissan Alliance subsidiaries, regardless of their level of responsibility and their job. 

SPARK is a collaborative innovation experience taking place in 3 or 4 countries in multiplex, in order to maximise everyone's commitment and create emulation at group level. 

SPARK is also an acceleration programme to bring to life projects that provide concrete solutions to enrich the value proposition of RCI Bank and Services. 

SHARE AI is an intrapreneurship and mentoring programme for startups and NGOs from Microsoft France 

SHARE AI - Microsoft France

The SHARE AI program allows Microsoft employees and partners to get involved in NGOs or impact startups to help them develop tech use cases. 

Since 2019, 3 editions of SHARE Ai have enabled 32 associations to create use cases with the support of 500 employees of the group as well as +15 Microsoft partners. 

Some associations that participated since 2019
* BeeODiversity 
* SurfRider Foundation 
* Les petits doudous  

 Find the mentoring programme as well as the training course "becoming a mentor for start-ups and impact NGOs" on the platform.