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Train & Engage, the training and coaching offer for your project leaders, managers and intrapreneurs. 
Our goal? Maximize your innovation potential: source, encourage, support, develop and engage your talent and potential. 

Since 2016, we have been designing digital and face-to-face training experiences that provide employees with a concrete toolbox that can be used and applied in their daily lives. You will find exclusive interviews, recorded master classes, live webinars on new topics and complementary exercises on all the training courses that Startup Inside offers. 
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The school of Pitch - TOP TREND 2022 🏅 
The school of the Feedback - TOP TREND 2022 🏅 
The initiation to the collective Intelligence - TOP TREND 2022 🏅 


Communicate effectively through the pitch 

To allow all collaborators to be accompanied and coached in all their oral presentations (meetings, COMEX, clients, prospects...) with the aim of giving them the keys to capture attention and make an impact, even in videoconferences.

Develop your assertiveness in everyday life  

To allow everyone to assert themselves without renouncing who they are, while respecting their interlocutors.

Using feedback as a management tool 

Allow your collaborators to give constructive feedback in order to increase individual and collective efficiency and thus maximize commitment and motivation.

Learn about collective intelligence 

Introduce your collaborators to the main principles and the functioning of Collective Intelligence. 

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Diversity Inclusion Eloquence Competition


 For the 2nd consecutive year, the eloquence contest allowed 40 employees of the company to express themselves on themes such as: 
* Do you even know why? 
* We need to talk 
* Was it better before? 
* Tell us about yourself 
* How do you mark your time? 
* What do you think? 

The Comex members on the jury were speechless at the quality of the employees' pitches. The 40 candidates of the second edition followed a tailor-made coaching course created by the Pitch School. The coaching was spread over several weeks to enable the participants to compete in the grand final at the BNP Personal Finance offices.