Startup Inside


Founded in 2016, Startup Inside is an innovation strategy consulting firm, pioneer of intrapreneurship and business hackathons, and leader in creating international conferences and think tanks on Artificial Intelligence and Data. Startup Inside was acquired by Artefact in 2022.

Startup Inside's mission is to instill the entrepreneurial spirit and startup methods in large international CAC 40 and Fortune 500 companies

Thanks to its experience in the creation of business hackathons, the use of its design methodologies and the support of international facilitators, Startup Inside brings together all the partners in the value chain to imagine solutions with a strong business, environmental and social impact. 

We have locations in France and Switzerland. 
Our unique approach to open innovation, which brings together startups, large corporations and research institutions to innovate, has enabled us to create benchmark ecosystems in artificial intelligence for health, finance and the environment. 
  • AI for the Planet, created in collaboration with UNESCO and the United Nations Environment Program, mobilizes AI players for climate protection. 
  • AI for Finance is an international conference that brings together a community of experts and decision-makers (CEOs of the largest European financial institutions participate with the best experts in AI and Data). 
  • AI for Health is the European ecosystem of reference for the democratization of AI and Data in the health sector, with 200 members working in open innovation: startups, laboratories, institutions, manufacturers, etc. 

Our offices

Paris, France

Startup Inside

92 Avenue des Champs Élysées
75008 Paris

Paris, France

AI for Health

PariSanté Campus
2 - 10 Rue d'Oradour-sur-Glane
75015 Paris

Geneva, Switzerland

Startup Inside Suisse

Rue d'Italie 10
1204 Genève


We organized their hackathons and created their intrapreneurship programs.

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